Tuzan ah Aung La le Kasegawa Live zoh khawhnak

Tuzan March 31 ah Japan ah MMA i thongh Dingmi LIVE In zoh khawhnak

Japan time -3:30 pm

Myanmar time- 1:00 pm

in an thawk lai i, Aung La N Sang hi Round 13 nak ah ai thong lai.

Tuzan ai thong dingmi cazin pawl

Tutan MMA an i thongh dingmi hi “A New Era” tiah tlang an tar i Champion Taisawmh runvennak pali a um lai. Tu bantuk in champion taisawmh runvennak pa 4 a um hi avoi khat nak a si.

A tang Link in LIVE zoh khawh si lai.



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