Phone Number In Tuah Mi Facebook Acccount Gmail Account In Thlen Ning

Phone Number in Facebook Account tuah i hman tu a poinak a um lo nain na Phone Number a tlau sual tik le na Phone Number na thlen tik ah na Facebook Account Security ah a poinak a um kho .

Cucaah Phone Number in kan tuah mi Facebook Account ah Gmail Account zeitindah kan khumh lai timi kan tial piak than hna , Phone Number na tlau le na thlen tik zong ah na gmail Account in Na facebook na hman khawh lai i Password na philh tik zong ah Phone Number siseh gmail in siseh Password thar na tuah khawh than lai

Na Facebook Menu hmet law Settings & Privacy timi ah kal piak , Cun Settings timi kha hmet than

Settings ah a um mi Personal Information timi hmet than

Email timi ah lut than

Add Email Address timi kha hmet than

1. Gmail Account thar na tuah mi Khumh ding

2. Na Facebook Password tial ding

Add Email timi kha hmet than

Comfirm Email Address timi kha hmet

Gmail Na Khumh Mi Chung ah Code an kuat cang , Na Gmail On lawng Facebook tiin Cakuat na hmuh lai  , Na Phone Home button in chuak law na gmail On ta

a tu bantuk in Facebook Cakuat na hmuh lai On piak

Facebook nih an kuat mi Code Number kha i chinchiah law , Facebook On than

Code an kuat mi Number kha tial piak law Confirm hmet than

Account Emails ti mi ah na gmail na hmuh cang lai

a tu bantuk in na tuah dih ah cun na Facebook Login na lut tik ah Phone Number tial hau ti lo in na gmail le na password tial in Log in lut khawh a si cang lai

Cun Password na philh tik ah na Phone Number le Na gmail Account hman in Password thar lak than khawh a si

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