Zeitindah Facebook Tag Kan Khamh Lai

Facebook ah Na Hawi Nu/Pa nih Tag an tuah mi poah na Timeline ah nangmah nawl loin lut lo ding in zeitindah kan tuah lai timi a hal mi nan um caah kan share than hna na hreh te ding si cun i share cia

Na Facebook Menu >> Settings & Privacy >> Settings timi hmet

Timeline And Tagging timi kawl piak , a tanglei ah a um lai na hmuh ah cun hmet than

Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline? timi hmet than


Timeline Reviews timi Off a tuah mi kha hmet law On piakĀ 

a tu bantuk in na ON piak ah cun a ngah cangĀ 

na Hawi Nu/Pa nih Tag an in tuah tik ah Notification in na hmuh lai

Tag an in tuah mi Ca siseh Hmanthlak siseh nangmah Pumpak Facebook Timeline ah um ter na duh lo ah cun Hide Hmet / Na Timeline ah um seh ti na duh mi cu Add to Timeline hmet

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