Barcelona le Real Madrid cu Quater-final in an tla veve; Video

7 Feb 2020


Vawlei cung Club ngan asi mi Barcelona le Real Madrid cu Copa del Rey quater-final zuamnak in a tla veve cang.


Tuni 7 Febaury 2020 ah Barcelona le Bilbao cu Copa del Rey zuamnak quater-final an chuih i; Bilbao nih Barcelona cu goal 1:0 in an tei hna. 90+3′ ah Barcelona hnukham S. Busquets nih an mah lei ah a goal sual i; an tlaknak hi asi


Real Madrid le Real Sociedad an chuih i ve i; Real Sociedad nih goal 4: 3 in an tei ve hna. Real Madrid hmaikal pawl nih goal an khumh kho loh nain hnukham Nacho le Marcelo nih Goal an khumh khawh.

Real Madrid le Barcelona player pawl cu quater-final zuamnak ah an chuih dih ko hna nain an sung ko.

Club nganngan pa 2 tlak colh cu a mak ngai ve.








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