De Ridder zuamcawhnak cu Aungla Nsang nih a co hlan +Video

One Championship zuamnak Middle Weight Champion Aungla Nsang zuamcawhtu cu a chuak cang. Aungla Nsang zong nih Instagram in lawmhpinak Wish a tuah piak.



Netherlands rammi De Ridder timi pa asi. De Ridder nih Atairs timi pa a tei caah Aungla Nsang cu a zuamcawh khawh cang. De Ridder hi One Championship ah voikhat hmanh a sung bal lomi pathawng pakhat asi ve.


De Ridder nih teinak a hmuh bak in Aungla Nsang cu a zuamcawh colh. “AungLa Nsang na ready cang ma? Na sinah ka ra zau lai” tiin a zuamcawh i; Aungla Nsang nih ready bak ka si cang tiin a leh colh.

Aungla Nsang nih Instagram in De Ridder zuamcawhnak cu a leh. ” De Ridder, teinak na hmuh caah kan lawmhpi; nangmah he i thongh dingmi hi kaa ngeih tuk cang” tiah a leh.




A sung bal lomi De Ridder maw na zumh deuh lai/ Aungla Nsang??



Reinier De Ridder 🇳🇱 edges out Leandro Ataides 🇧🇷

Reinier De Ridder 🇳🇱 edges out Leandro Ataides 🇧🇷 to earn a ONE Middleweight World Title shot against Aung La N Sang!📺: How to watch 👉📱: Watch on the ONE Super App 👉🏷: Shop official merchandise 👉

Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, February 7, 2020

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