Cumpit,khuh ,hromfah, taklinh lonak dingah mah hi tuah piak aherh

COVID-19 hi hrom fah ,taklinh, khuh, cumpit in athawk mi asi caah azual hlan ah  kham khawhnak dingah mah ning hin na zulh ahcun atha tuk mi asi .

(1) Na kut kha na tawl lengmang lai .Alchohol-based zong na hman piak lai .

How to best wash your hands to stop the spread of coronavirus ...

(2) Na pum ti dat tam dingin na din piak lai . Ti tampi ding.Thingthei hanghnah tampi ei piak .

Anglican Care ready to deliver water to drought-stricken ...

(3) Hman tein ih piak , nikhat ah nazi 8 chung ih piak .

Social media stars show how to make money while you sleep - The ...

(4) Exercise tha tein tuah piak .

How exercise rejuvenates cells, extending lifespan

(5) Pum caah atha mi vitamin tampi in ei piak …Malted Milk le tandat tampi in din piak .  Ovaltine silocun cawhnuk tampi in din piak .

What Is a2 Milk? - Consumer Reports

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