iPhone/Pad Ah Yotube/Facebook Video Download Tuah Ning

Fawi tein Facebook/Youtube Video Download kan tuah duh ah siseh , Video Download kan tuah cia mi pawl Photos/Video ah Save kan duh cawlh tik ah a tanglei bantuk tein tuah khawh a si .

Facebook le Youtube Video Download tuahnak tampi a um ko nain iOS Version kip ah hman khawh a si mi Tap Browser App a tanglei ah hin Download tuah piak

App Store Link : https://apps.apple.com/app/id1503861321

App Store Link On piak law Tab Browser kha na Phone ah Khumh ( a khumh ning cu cawnnak tam tuk ka chiah cang caah ka tial ti lai lo )

Tap Browser na Phone ah na khumh dih a si ah cun Zeitindah Video Download kan tuah lai kan Save lai zoh khawh a si App on piak

A dang Social Website zong in mah duh mi Video download tuah khawh a si , hmasabik ah Download tuah na duhnak social ah kal piak

Download tuah na duh mi Video na hmet bak in a tu bantuk in Download tuahnak na hmuh cawlh lai , Download timi hmet

Download na hmet dih hnu ah a tanglei Tap ah a um mi Downloads timi ah Video Download na tuah mi zoh khawh a si . Download na tuah dih cang mi Video cu Completed tiah a lang lai . Photos ah Save cawlh na duh ah cun Download na tuah dih cang mi Video hmet

A tanglei Menu … hmet than

Share timi na hmuh than lai , Share timi hmet

Save Video hmet law na Phone Photos ah Video na save mi a um cang lai .

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