Milan vs Roma LIVE [ 9:45 PM ]

Milan have 36 points in The Serie A, which puts them in 7th place.

There have been 46 matches played by them in the last year. They have 18 wins; 12 draws; and 16 losses. This recent form puts Milan on a Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 39%-26%-34%.

Over this 12-month period, they average 1.15 goals per match. They have conceded an average of 1.17.

A look at their away record in this time. They have a win rate of 41% (10 wins) from the latest 24 away fixtures. 16% (4) of these matches have been a draw, with the remaining 41% (10) being a loss when they are the away team.

Away from home over the year, their average number of goals scored is 1.13. They have conceded 1.29 on average.

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Across all competitions, their recent performance data shows that they have scored 17 goals in their last ten matches and in this time they have a win rate of 50%. The total number of times both Milan and the opposition have scored is 6 out of the ten. There have been 4 matches with three goals or more.

They have scored in their last 10 matches.

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