Pa nih an thlah/phiat khawh lomi hna nu pawl sining hna cu……

Pa simi nih hibantuk nu ziaza ngei mi hna cu thlah bak lo ding an si …

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1.Nan umti tikah na khuaruah an that ter …na thluak khuaruahnak ah an cheuh kho tu asimi nu cu thlah hlah ..

2.Na sining thatnak an hmuh piak kho tu le lam hman an chim kho tu ..

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3. Zeitik caan pohah na pawng ah aum lai i thazaang an pek zungzal lai..

4. Zeihmun pohah bawmh le thape tu dingin ready asi zungzal mi nu ..

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5. Tamh athiam mi ,amah le caan,hmun siningin tamh thiam mi asi lai ..

6. Ngah than ding aruat lo mi ,midang bawmh tikah amiak lawng te aruat lomi asi alai ..

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7. Pawngkam anuamh ter tu

8. Mi hawikomh athiam mi …


9.A caan tha tein hman thiam mi ..

10. Hakkau loin asining ah alawm mi…..

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