Brighton vs Chelsea LIVE [ 1:45 AM ]

Chelsea is making the world surprise with consecutive blockbuster deals. The Blues have detonated the bombs named Timo Werner, Thiago Silva, Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz and Malang Sarr.

Now, the fans will wait and see what diagram Frank Lampard will create to make the most of these rookies plus the talents he believes in like Mason Mount, Pulisic or Tammy Abraham. Obviously, this is not an easy problem when Mason Mount or Abraham are advancing and Lampard cannot be wasted.

This match, the fact that Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech were both injured, showed that Lampard’s 4-3-3 diagram was no longer possible when the wings could not play.

In addition, Kai Havertz is not good at kicking, but only good in the position of attacker or virtual striker while Timo Werner is not the classic striker. Therefore, the 3-4-3 chart that Lampard tested at the end of last season must be used by him in this opening match.

Against a very focused Brighton, the increase in the number of troops in the middle of the field also made the Blues easy to dominate the game. In defense, Thiago Silva will be an anchor next to Rudiger and Azpilicueta, With this experienced midfield trio, Lampard can completely rest assured in this defensive front. The remaining issue will be how Chelsea’s public goods operate.


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Notably, before the season started, Chelsea had a friendly match right at Brighton. It was a match that Timo Werner scored very early and the Blues also had a bright attack. However, they only drew 1-1 when Pascal Gross equalized at the 11m point in the final minutes. In addition, the second leg of the previous season was also held in 2020 and Chelsea only had a result of 1-1. This shows that the AMEX pitch is not a pleasant place for the Blues. However, despite these 2 draws, Chelsea had previously won all 5 matches against Brighton, even 4/5 kept the net. So, with what he can do on Techmart, Frank Lampard’s teachers and students must be on fire and ready to destroy AMEX this time. Last season, Chelsea also kicked off an extremely impressive away season with 6 consecutive wins. In the Premier League alone, Chelsea won 9/19 away matches last season while Brighton also lost 7/19 home matches. Therefore, we should believe that the creativity in attack and the certainty in defense will help Lampard’s teachers and students get an impressive victory in this opening match.