PSG vs Metz LIVE [ 1:30 AM ]

PSG is starting the 2020-21 season under an unbelievable scenario when they have lost both rounds. In it, they lost 0-1 at rookie Lens field and just lost 0-1 when taking on rivals Marseille. Worth mentioning, this defeat also caused the three pillars of PSG, Neymar, Paredes and Kurzawa, to get a red card and face a very heavy suspension.

In addition, Mbappe certainly cannot play due to the time of COVID isolation. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Keylor Navas, midfielder Marquinhos and striker Icardi are still open to the possibility of playing because of physical problems. Obviously, there is too much pressure on Thomas Tuchel’s teachers and students and they need a victory over Metz in this compensatory match to relieve these difficulties.

In fact, the personnel difficulties are only one reason for the last 2 failures of PSG. The biggest reason is still that Thomas Tuchel teachers and students take too little rest to recharge, and there is no friendly match to regain focus.


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Therefore, before the rookie Lens is rich in determination and the hostile Marseille, the last two failures of PSG are acceptable. Now, a jubilant victory over Metz will help teachers and students Thomas Tuchel solve all difficulties. The return of Di Maria and Icardi in this match promises to help the capital team reclaim their position.

Winning Metz is not a big deal for PSG even if they don’t have the best squad in this match. Last season, PSG won 2-0 at Metz. Broadly speaking, they have won 7 matches against this opponent in the past 10 years, 6 wins separately and 4/7 matches keep clean sheets. At home, PSG has won 7 recent matches against Metz, all 7 wins and 5/7 matches to keep the net.

Currently, Metz is also playing poorly when losing 0-1 in the past 2 rounds. Last season, Metz also lost easily 0-2 as a guest of Lyon, 0-2 at Bordeaux or 1-4 at Nice. Therefore, PSG is in need of victory, it will be difficult to ignore this opponent. Still believe that Thomas Tuchel teachers and students will regain their position with a jubilant victory in this match.