Real Madrid vs Valladolid LIVE [ 2:00 AM ]

After the first draw was tied at Sociedad, Real Madrid just had a tough 3-2 victory at Betis. In general, the defending’s performance in the last 2 matches is not convincing.

However, those are away results and this match is played at the Bernabeu, everything will be different from the White Vulture.

However, there is a coincidence that Real also received Valladolid in their home match last season.

As a result, Zidane’s teachers and students only got a 1-1 draw, very disappointing. Therefore, they also have to be very careful against this opponent.


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This match, Real will be without Toni Kroos due to injury. However, this does not affect too much because the midfield in Zidane’s hand is very cramped with the presence of Martin Odegaard. The French coach is also in favor of this Norwegian midfielder when he is both the main kick in the last two matches and at the same time as the conductor. However, the effectiveness that Odegaard brings is not much. Before the disciplined player of Valladolid, this midfielder is also difficult to have much land to act. However, the strength of the homeowner is still the most outstanding as the goal can go to any position.

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