Messi hi Penalty lo in goal a thun kho ti hnga lo maw…?

TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 28: Lionel Messi of Barcelona scores his team's second goal from the penalty spot during the UEFA Champions League Group G stage match between Juventus and FC Barcelona at Juventus Stadium on October 28, 2020 in Turin, Italy. Sporting stadiums around Italy remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Tullio Puglia - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Barcelona hmaikal le captain a si mi Lional Mesi cu tu zing Juventus he rak i zuam mi Champion League group stage zuamnak ah a thabik in a cawlcang kh mi zaanglek a si. Barcelona nih Juventus cu an Turin ah goal 2 in an rak tei mah puai ah penalty in goal a thun khawh bantuk in Dambele goal a thun khawhnak ding cazong ah assist a tuah khawh tiah theih a si.

Sihmanh seh tubantuk vawlei cung minthang pakhat a si ve mi Messi bantuk zaanglek caah tukum season ah Barcelona ca i goal a thun mi pawl hi Penalty lawng tein goal a thun a si. Messi cu Juventus he puai ah penalty in goal a thun bantuk in UCL puaikhat nak zong ah penalty in goal a rak thun tiah theih a si.

Laliga zuamnak zong ah Vilareal an rak tei lio puai zong ah Messi nih Penalty in goal a rak thun. Culawng si rih lo in Messi nih penalty in goal a thun hi Barcelona lawng ah si lo in Argentina ca zongah goal a thun khawh hi penalty in a rak si .

Cucaah Messi cu tukum season thok ka ah kum dang bantuk in goal a thun kho tuk ti lo mi zong mipi nih kan theih cio mi a si. Sihmanhseh Messi nih amah pumpak in goal a thun khawh lo hmanh ah a hawi le goal an thun khawh nak ding caah assist a tuah deuh mi zong kan theih cio mi a si. A ralaimi caan ah Barcelona cu Laliga puai a zuam than ding an si cang. Lalaiga zuamnak ah Alabas he an i zuam ding puai ah Penalty in goal thun lo in amah pumpak tein goal a thun kho te lai maw ti cu….


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