Barcelona nih Ronaldo le Juventus cu an soisel

TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 28: Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates after scoring his sides second goal from the penalty spot during the UEFA Champions League Group G stage match between Juventus and FC Barcelona at Juventus Stadium on October 28, 2020 in Turin, Italy. Sporting stadiums around Italy remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Barcelona nih Juventus cu an celhtuar Turin ah goal 2 in an rak tei hna. Mah puai a dih hnu ah Barcelona fans pawl nih Ronaldo le Juventus cu Twitter in an rak Troll tiah theih a si. Barcelona nih Juventus an rak tei caah Baca fans pawl cu an lung a tling ngaingai rua tiah ruah awk ngai zong a si.

Mah puai ah Ronaldo le Messi an i ton ding cu mipi nih rak i ngaih cio mi a si nain ruahphak lo in Ronaldo cu Corona virus ruang ah a rak i tel kho lo. Mah puai a dih hnu ah Barcelona Twitter in “GOAT timi cu nan celhtual ah nan hmuh cang a si ko lo maw. Mah caah kan tha a nuam khun” tiah Messi hmanthlak he an rak langhter. Juvetus caah a fawi lo mi post a si bantuk in Barcelona nih GOAT taktak cu Messi a si tiah an rak langhter i Juventus cu an soisel nak cu a si.

Pumpululh zaanglentecelh nak i GOAT(Greatest of All Time) tiin a minthang mi cu Ronaldo le Messi hi an si tiah cohlan mi zong a si. Sihmanhseh mah puai ah Ronaldo cu a tel khawh lo caah Messi lawng rak hmuh a si. Barcelona cu an mah he zuamcawh tu thabik a si mi zaanglek um nak club cu anmah celhtuar Turn ah Messi nih goal athun khawh pin ah a thabik in a cawlcang khawh caah an i lawmhnak cu an rak langhter nak cu a si.


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