Man City vs Everton LIVE [ 9:30 PM ]

Man City will enter the final round with a very comfortable mentality, having won 3 rounds before. In the last two rounds, Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students have also shown that the results are not important to them when they won 4-3 at Newcastle or just lost 2-3 at Brighton. Next weekend, the Blue Man will play the Champions League final, so they have absolutely a reason to stay in this match. Meanwhile, Everton have 59 points with Tottenham in the race for 7th place. This position will help them get tickets to the Europa Conference League, a new tournament that will be organized by UEFA next season. The fact that Tottenham have to be a Leicester guest is also an opportunity for Ancelotti’s teachers and students to decide to earn points at Etihad.

In the past 3 seasons, Everton has been a good prey for Man City when they have won all 7 encounters with 6 wins by a difference. However, in the past 4 seasons with Pep Guardiola, they only won 2 and drew 2 when they received The Toffees and all 4 matches were conceded. So, even using the strongest lineup, it is difficult for the Blue Man to win this match, let alone using the reserve team without determination. It should be known that Pep’s teachers and students have lost up to 3/4 recent home matches in the English Premier League. Since the beginning of the tournament, they have also lost 6 points at Etihad. In contrast, Ancelotti’s Everton played very well away when they won 11, drew 4 and lost only 3 matches and had 14/18 goals scored. Even, The Toffees have 6/7 recent away games to keep a clean sheet. Therefore, it should still be believed that the away team will have a exit point in this match, even a full 3 points.

man city vs everton