Juventus vs AC Milan LIVE [ 1:15 AM ]

From the position of the championship race, now this great Italian battle has only the decisive match left. from the top 4 teams. Before this match, Juventus had a dramatic upstream victory at Udinese. Meanwhile, after 2 defeats, AC Milan has just won against Benevento. The two teams will also have the most powerful lineup for this match. The remaining 4 rounds of the match schedule of the two teams are quite heavy, so they also need to focus on this great battle.



The two teams had 5 encounters in the last 2 seasons with Juve winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 1. In which, they won 3-1 at Milan in the first leg of this season. In particular, Lao She has won the last 9 seasons with the Rossoneri in Serie A despite 5 of 9 conceding matches. That will also be a great motivation for teachers and students Andrea Pirlo. In addition, despite a bad season, but at home, Juve still played very well when he won 13, drew 2 and lost only 2 in Serie A. In which, they drew only Atalanta, the rest won Inter, Lazio, Roma and Napoli should also be able to aim for these 3 points.

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