Real Madrid vs Sevilla LIVE [ 1:30 AM ]

Real Madrid just had a completely helpless defeat to Chelsea and stopped in the semifinals of the Champions League. Back in La Liga, Zidane’s teachers and students will face a challenging 34 round. In this round, Barca will have to host Atletico, so it is an opportunity for the White Vulture to rise to the top. However, having to meet Sevilla in the context of fatigue and not having a comfortable mentality shows that Real will have to go through a difficult 90 minutes right at Di Stefano. Sevilla has just lost a shock at home to Bilbao, but with only 4 and 6 points behind the leading teams, the chance to race the championship for teachers and teachers Julen Lopetegui is still available. A shock victory at Real will help the Andalusian representative maintain hope.



It was the intense matches in the Champions League that made Real lose many opportunities to rise to the top of the rankings. Zidane’s teachers and students used to divide Getafe points when they played the second leg with Liverpool or split Betis before kicking the first leg with Chelsea. Obviously, Vultures always give the best for the C1 Cup so they have difficulty in La Liga and the current situation is not better when they just had a disastrous 90 minutes against Chelsesa. The huge fulcrum for Real this match is that they are completely overwhelmed when they host Sevilla with 13 consecutive wins and 8/13 clean sheets. On the chair, Zidane won 8/11 matches against Sevilla. The French coach has also won all three encounters with his counterpart Julen Lopetegui in the past two seasons.

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